My name is Erin O'Flynn and I am a photographer and photo editor based in New York City. I received my BA in Visual Arts (Photography Concentration) and Urban Studies from Fordham University in Feb. 2018. Currently, I am a Photo Editor for New York Magazine.

    My photographs challenge traditional dichotomies, dissolving distinctions between the natural/manmade, decayed/developed, and virtual/physical in our environment. I aim to break down these differences through the image’s content and, often, the image’s collapsing of space itself. Throughout my creative practice, I have explored how to dissolve the common juxtapositions imposed onto human beings’ environments.


Published Work 
Saint Lucy, One Picture/One Paragaph
Fordham University, Documentary Photography: Italy 2016

Greenpoint Gallery, People’s Choice Salon, Brooklyn, NY, 2019
The Living Gallery, Sacrifice with Zest, Brooklyn, NY, 2019
Black Box Gallery, Camera Work: Landscape and Architecture, Portland, OR, 2018
Lipani Gallery, 100 Alumini, New York, NY, 2018
Ildiko Butler Gallery, A Nice Square Shape, New York, NY, 2018 

Professional Experience 
Photo Editor, New York Magazine, New York, NY, 2019-Present
Photo Editor Intern, Time Magazine, New York, NY, 2018
Archives Intern, Magnum Photos, New York, NY, 2017
Gallery Intern, Howard Greenberg Gallery, New York, NY, 2016



Cargo Collective 2017 — Frogtown, Los Angeles